Why Use Mineral Makeup?

So-called “pure mineral makeup” has been around for years but has just recently become popular due to recommendations by dermatologists because of its gentleness and superior sun protection benefits. However, until now all natural mineral-makeup lines available today are in powder form, either loose or compact powders. Loose-powder mineral makeup can be very messy to apply, and because of the absorbent nature of the minerals, loose powder mineral makeup can exacerbate any dryness in the skin and can even change color when applied over oily skin. Liquid mineral makeup by Illuminaré has answered the need of many women who seek the protection of natural mineral makeup yet prefer a liquid for its nondrying, no-makeup look and easy application.

The “minerals” we use in Illuminare liquid mineral makeup are microfine titanium dioxide and microfine zinc oxide. These are the earth's own natural nonchemical sunscreen ingredients, which protect your skin from aging and from cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Dermatologists recommend using pure mineral makeup because they know that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two of the only three sunscreen ingredients in the United States that truly provide good protection against the most dangerous radiation of all: UVA radiation. The minerals zinc oxide (in particular) and titanium dioxide provide the best protection you can find for your skin. All the antiaging serums, vitamins, or antioxidant ingredients in the world will not benefit you if you do not protect yourself daily from UVA radiation.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) refers to the FDA's method to assess a sunscreen's ability to protect you from only UVB radiation. It has no meaning when it comes to protecting you from UVA. Until recently, UVA was thought to be harmless, yet today UVA has been shown to be the primary cause of premature skin aging, wrinkling, age spots, and skin cancer.

Even if you use a product with a very high SPF value, you may not be getting the protection you need against this dangerous aging UVA radiation. The FDA now requires all products claiming to have SPF labeling to adhere to strict rules on labeling so as not to mislead the public or give consumers a false sense of security.

Any cosmetic product that claims to protect you from UVB and UVA radiation must list their “active ingredients” for you to see. If you do not see the words zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (the two non chemical sunscreen minerals) or Parsol 1789, otherwise known as Avobenzone (a chemical sunscreen), then you are not getting adequate protection from UVA.

Besides the sun protection benefits, zinc xide in particular is even better at protecting you from UVA than is titanium dioxide, and it is also a mild anti-inflammatory so it helps to calm irritated skin. Women who suffer from a skin condition known as rosacea can benefit from using mineral makeup because it helps to conceal the redness, and in some cases it evn seems to diminish it over time. We believe it may have something to do with zinc oxide’s antimicrobial action.

Women with very sensitive skin love mineral makeup for its gentleness and low sensitivity. However not all mineral makeup is the same. Some companies add plant extracts and vitamins to their formulas, or bismuth oxychloride (a potential skin irritant), and these can cause skin sensitization in some individuals.

Mineral makeup is good for your skin. Our liquid mineral makeup gives great coverage and looks more like “real skin” than other makeup. Mineral makeup is not easily contaminated because it is not organic and does not support bacteria well. It is also very good for those who have allergies, or skin problems such as eczema, or very irritated skin.

The colors are made of pure iron oxides, not artificial dyes. Iron oxides act as a “heat-absorbing” ingredient as well. Heat or infrared radiation from the sun can also damage your skin, causing it to look saggy, leathery, and wrinkled. Iron oxide pigments help to keep infrared radiation from damaging your skin.